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How to setup easy_install on Windows

If one has been using python, then installing various libraries and modules is basically a breeze using easy_install utility, however for folks using windows, easy_install utility has to be setup properly before using it.

Once done lets quickly setup a PYTHON_HOME environment variable which points to the python directory which contains python exe in my case its c:/Python27, to set up environment variable right click "My Computer " select "properties", "Advanced Tab" "Environment Variables" Button, add new environment variable and call it “PYTHON_HOME” and set path to whatever is in your case, to make sure every thing is proper ,open NEW dos prompt and type echo            %PYTHON_HOME% and you should see the path you have entered.

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VPS Hosting Past and Present

I had been hosting this blog in the past  for an extremely competitive (read cheap) price here at Arvixe . I was using based blogging software called BlogEngine. over and all I will describe my experience as pleasant. Arvixe is a great Hosting Provider, has good up time and has plans which are easy on the pocket, and does almost all the common stuff like emails and cpanel ,blah blah that other hosting provider do, but kinda does it on a low price. I was a happy blogger for an year although I could only manage close to 8 post and and few demos in that time.

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