This post is basically a way of quick appreciation to the Google maps Team, they are obviously a bunch of caring, loving people ,who make useful (although surreptitious) tools for the betterment of Geek Kind.

So as most of you may have accidently clicked a mysterious looking link at the bottom of your Google maps page ( on the left hand panel)google_latlon_tool1

This awesome looking link opens up a popup which lets you choose wonderful goodies which makes your Google maps page more useful than it already is:


Now one can choose things like Smart Zoom but this post is about LatLng marker and tooltip ,

which are very handy,especially if one works as a GIS application developer.

Ones you are done selecting, simply click Save changes and that’s it.(You may have to refresh your page though ).

After these features have been enabled, a user can now right click anywhere on the map, and in the options window , a new link “Drop latLng Marker” will appear.


Select that and the obvious will happen.


and there you have it , an easy, helpful, Hidden(not anymore), but never the less extremely useful utility to get latitude and longitude from Google maps.