GDAL is one of the most frequently used utility in my toolkit. I am writing this post to make it easier for others to install it from scratch on their macs.

Setting up GDAL

The traditional way has always been to visit the dear old, and install “GDAL Complete” Framework vi deb installer. Do make sure that GDAL Framework is in your path otherwise something like this always helps

echo ’export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/GDAL.framework/Programs:$PATH’ » ~/.bash_profile source ~/.bash_profile

To test your installation, run the Terminal command gdalinfo –version.

VIA Homebrew

Below is the recipe to upgrade via homebrew to latest GDAL 2.


gdal2 is now a proper formulae brew install gdal2 should work. If you have already installed GDAL via gdal formula brew install gdal, then you need to do the following to upgrade.

brew unlink gdal
brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac && brew tap --repair
brew install jasper netcdf # gdal dependencies
brew install gdal2 --with-armadillo \
--with-complete --with-libkml --with-unsupported
brew link --force gdal2

Finally Verify

gdal-config --version
gdal-config --libs
-L/usr/local/Cellar/gdal2/2.1.1/lib -lgdal
gdal-config --cflags