LIMBO is a horrifically beautiful, monochrome or rather a gray-scale purgatory painted perhaps while watching Tim burton movie on the side. It was published initially in Jul 2010 by Microsoft Game Studios(XBLA) and Playdead(PSN, Windows), and then later released for Windows platform by Steam.

The primary character of the game is a boy, who wakes up right at the beginning of the game i.e while you are trying to figure out WTF is happening or wonder if you graphics driver (windows platform) screwed up or something, but there as you are fiddling with the movement buttons in keyboard you will see pair of bright white eyes flickering, and that’s when you start falling in love with the game and the care of detail added in a game which is totally unlike other in its league.

LIMBO game essentially is a 2D puzzle game, the boy with a twee outline and messy hair ideally is in search of her sister, the games puzzle are master minded by Dino Patti and lead designer of PlayDead Jeppe Carlsen,according to Wikipedia, Dino Patti had conceived this idea around 2004, and had even tried coding it in visual basic,he later made a video trailer to recruit a developer. They had grants from Nordic game program and Danish Government.

Although Patti helped in the first few months with programming, he realised that the project was much larger than what the two of them could handle, and Patti developed the business around the game’s expanded development

Limbo was awarded both the “Technical Excellence” and “Excellence in Visual Art” titles at the Independent Games Festivalduring the 2010 Game Developers Conference, at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo—about a month before its release—Limbo won GameSpot‘s “Best Downloadable Game”,and was nominated for several other “Best of Show” awards, including “Best Platformer” by IGN, “Most Original Game” by G4 TVand “Best Puzzle Game” by GameSpot The game was nominated as one of 32 finalists at the 2010 IndieCadefestival for independent developers, ultimately winning the “Sound” award.

Limbo Game Playfrom varun panton Vimeo.